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Subrosa comes from the Latin word ‘sub rosa‘, translating to ‘under the rose’, which means confidentiality in English. It is the ancient practice of hanging roses above dining tables and meeting chambers, symbolizing that everyone in that room was sworn to secrecy.


Hence, what happens in Subrosa, stays in Subrosa.




OUR Cuisine

Farm to table – restaurant on the ground level offering course menus curated from the freshest ingredients daily, produced both in-house and locally sourced, giving guests more reasons to pay attention to the finer details on their plate.


Private Dining – Subrosa’s second level brings the whole experience another level with bespoke menus and personalized services for guests who seek privacy and intimacy during their dining experience.

OUR chefs


London, UK

Chef Steven comes from a lineage of chefs, and was already exposed to many exotic flavours from childhood.
This adventurous streak is also shown in his cooking. Wherever he is in the world, Chef Steven is all about taking inspiration from the flavours around him, and weaving them into his dishes.
Having worked across London’s 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants, Chef Steven now brings his experience to Subrosa, where he lets the food tell the story.



Chef Francis has decades of experience, cooking his way through the bustling food scene of Singapore. He is passionate about creating new flavours using only the finest and freshest ingredients.
With his warm personality and armed with his unique signature dishes, Chef Francis has been a private chef to many celebrities from Singapore and beyond.
Introducing you to plates previously reserved for the influential elite, he is committed to providing a Subrosa dining experience like no other.


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